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Property Maintenance & Snow Management


Getting your property in order in the springtime is extremely important to the overall health and integrity of your surroundings.  Cleaning the remaining leaves from the mulch beds, shrubs and flowerbeds as well as removing sticks and debris from the lawn helps rejuvenate your outdoor surroundings.  Spring cleanups are a vital part of a proper maintenance plan and can help breath life into your space after a long cold winter. 



Summer: Lawn Maintenance & Weed Trimming

Spring: Spring Clean-Ups, Mulching & More


Properly cutting your grass with the correct equipment and proper height is essential to maintaining a healthy lawn.  We use professional equipment that is properly maintained so you receive optimum results.  Let us maintain your property on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.




Let us take up the time consuming role of maintaining the leaves throughout the fall months.   Decaying leavings on the lawn and in the shrubs can cause damage to plants and grass.  Removing the leaves and debris from your property in the fall ensures a proper dormant state for the winter.  Additionally, cleaning the leaves and debris from your property looks great too!  The fall season is the one of the best seasons for growing your lawn.  The cooler weather keeps the moisture in the ground longer promoting deeps roots, which leads to a stronger healthier lawn.




Fall: Leaves, Leaves & Leaves 

Winter: Snow & Ice Management 


Let us deal with the snow and ice!  Schedule us ahead of time and we will automatically plow your driveway, shovel your sidewalks and salt when ice is present.  Just let us know what services you need during those harsh winter months and we will be happy to maintain the winter weather at your property.  



Our promise is to bring the same level of quality and attention to detail maintaining your property as we do with our landscape installs. To us it's more than just cutting grass and trimming weeds. It's about maintaining a manicured look to your property through all the seasons, allowing you to spend more time doing the things you want to do and less time on the chores of maintaining your property. Below is a small overview of the services we offer. If you have special needs or requests we can certainly add those to your plan.



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