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3 Design Aspects Of Our Outdoor Lighting Systems - And 4 Places To Install Them

Modern outdoor lighting is a vital part of adding value to a property.

We do this for many property owners, helping them with plans to enhance how their yards and exterior spaces look.

So what goes into creating the best kinds of outdoor lighting? Here are some things that we talk about with customers

Soldered Connections

When it comes to durability and the longevity of what you pay for, you need excellent connections that you can rely on season after season.

Of course, you can go further than you used to with wireless solar lighting, but if you need something to be physically connected, a soldered connection adds to the endurance of the installation.

That's why we have integrated this method into our outdoor lighting services. We saw firsthand how making better connections supports a service's quality, like a "Made in the USA" method helps with manufactured products.

Weatherproof Housing

You don't want little bits of moisture coming through from precipitation or inclement weather. That's why we've developed this weatherproof housing for our lighting solutions so that they can keep lighting their way year after year. Without weatherproofing, you can expect a big maintenance bill after a few wet seasons.

Large Gauge Wire

Pros understand how using something chintzy can create all kinds of hassles and frustrations over time. Large gauge wire helps ensure those connections are there for the long haul.

4 Places to Install Excellent Outdoor Lighting

Here are some places where property owners choose to put these heavy-duty lighting systems.

Pool Perimeters

Any kind of outdoor pool can use a good amount of lighting, both for convenience and safety.

We often integrate these types of durable lighting into a pool area of a yard or space.


Show off what you've planted and nurtured to maturity with excellent heavy-duty lighting for your exterior.

A Side of the House

With these types of installations, it's all about showing off the façade of your carefully constructed home.

In that sense, the targeting and angling of lighting is critical. We help with design consultations to make sure all of the stuff is set up in an optimized way.


Lighting your walkways is a functional thing, as well as an aesthetic addition.

You'll be amazed how much better it is to come home at night with a solid lighting system along the pavers or steps of your front walk.\

For more, check out our gallery and the rest of the website. Let's talk about how to put additions in place that will add to your quality of life in your home and the value of your property.

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