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3 Design Features That We Like

At Blue Morning Landscapes, we've been working with local property owners for years – renovating spaces, installing new lighting and fixtures, landscaping and doing all of that stuff to make your property look the best it can.

Some of these design principles are front and center in our online portfolio, where you can see some of the best results we've created for those who hire us to work on their homes or business properties. We’re proud of our track records in our part of Pennsylvania! Check out the work and get in touch for a job well done.

The In-Door Arch

One of the most elegant ways to dress up a building is to install a new door with some neat architectural design built in.

Sure, you can install arched doorways, but they’re kind of an engineer's nightmare in some ways. They just don't work the same as your traditional rectangular door, and it will take more work to retrofit the setting.

What we've done for some clients is install a rectangular door space with a built-in arch. In many cases, the same color and style appears on both sides of the door, but an interior archway provides that neat curved shape without compromising the engineering – how you open and close the door itself.

So take a look at the portfolio and think about whether your property could benefit from this feature.

Modern Pillars

Pillars are abundantly useful at a property to hold a porch up, or to create a regal atmosphere.

But old pillars can be pretty disappointing. They can flake and chip and even come apart over time.

Look at our portfolio for modern pillars that work well in overall design.

Features in Stone

In the hardscaping world, people often want new stone fixtures outside, like an outdoor grill or kitchen space. We can create that natural stone work with new slabs on top to combine an authentic old world look with a clean modern installation that presents itself well.

The features that you want in stone depend on what your overall plan is for that area of your property. But stone and stone veneer is a real booster in terms of curb appeal and even property resale value.

Think about all three of these options for your property and let us know if we can help. Our investment in the best tools and resources allows us to offer those modern updates for property value and more.

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