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Benefits of Adding A Stone Fire Pit To Your Back Yard

With the summer season approaching, it can make you think about your yard and the improvements that can be made to turn it into your slice of paradise. A stone fire pit is an excellent addition to a back yard for many reasons. We will help break down for you what makes a fire pit addition so great. If you have any questions about the cost or if this is a possibility to add to your landscape, we will be happy to assist.

Get Outside More

Those perfect days are few and far between. Unfortunately, regardless of where you live, the weather can be up and down from day to day. The weather variances can cause you to miss out on some of that outdoor time. Adding a fire pit can give you a few more weeks to either side of your season. Those nights when it is just a little too cold outside to sit out there comfortably, a fire pit can change that.


If you enjoy having your friends and family over the fire pit makes a great area to entertain. The fact that most fire pits are circular in design helps to promote social conversation and gathering. People love to grab a drink or a plate of food and sit around the fire pit, add in a few smores, and your summer evening is set! The fire pit also offers heat all the way around it. This will help to bring people in and get them interested.

Additional Functions

In addition to providing some heat and a great place to hang out, the fire pit can also be used to cook food. If you set your fire pit up correctly and invest in a grill top, you can cook around it with ease. Make sure to mention this to us as we build your outdoor fire pit so we can make sure that we get yours built and designed to handle some grilling as well.


We don’t have to remind you of the importance of outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting can make or break a backyard, and it can also be an essential safety feature. A fire pit is an excellent source of natural light. If you are having a party or entertaining, you will quickly notice how bright the fire pit area is.

The Look

Sure, you will want to install a fire pit that you are going to use, but they do look great as well. Everyone has that corner in their yard that is just missing something. Adding a stone fire pit and a few Adirondack chairs can make a difference when it comes to the overall look of your landscape.

Building an outdoor fire pit area is something that can be done in a relatively short period. They are easy to maintain and can provide years of entertainment and warmth without needing hardly any maintenance. Contact us today regarding your options when it comes to any stonework in your back yard, including outdoor fire pits.

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