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Blue Morning Landscapes – The Value of Creativity

In the world of general contracting, people often talk about time and money. They often talk about quality and craftsmanship. What they don't often talk about is creativity and imagination.

Deep down, most customers want the kinds of design plans that they describe as a ‘fairy-tale picture’ – luxurious lighting, lush greenery, and grand traditional wooden designs that make up the aesthetic of a home or property. But there's kind of a disconnect in many cases, in that people don't usually realize that they get more of this result with contractors who are attuned to the creative world, and who listen to the input of their clients.

At Blue Morning Landscapes, we stand behind all of our work, but we also go a step further. Actually, a few steps further. In taking in the customer's input, we're thinking about how to creatively design outdoor and living spaces that please the eye and the imagination. We're not just looking at time and materials. We're looking at an end result that provides enjoyment and inspiration for those who live at or visit a property. When we come in to create green spaces, we’re thinking of the overall aesthetic in a specific way – because we’ve taken the time to see and envision what looks good at a particular place on a property. It’s not just that we’ve done it hundreds of times – it’s in bringing a fresh approach to the process, which makes quite a difference!

It goes without saying that not every construction firm has this kind of philosophy in mind. Think about someone who's hired to come build a patio or a deck or a lighted pathway. Are they thinking about their customer’s style choices, or just how to complete the project and move on to the next one? Are they looking at things with their mind’s eye, or just going by the book? Creativity is actually an enormous value in landscaping – and it too often gets overlooked.

There’s also a conversation that goes like this:

“But I don’t want to lose creative control!”

Of course we’re not going to just come in and tell you what you need. We’re going to work off of your ideas. But practically speaking, there are details that get done within the customer’s framework that can either be done creatively or in a boring, mediocre way. Anyone who has done contracting knows that intuitively – and some of our more experienced customers know it, too.

Take a look at some of the testimonials on our website to see what we mean. Our clients love our approach to vibrant design and our ability to imagine what can be when improving your property. Call us for your next outdoor project.

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