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Building Rock Walls A Few Things to Consider

Sometimes it's just like something out of a Robert Frost poem – an impressive stone wall can be a vital part of creating the right look and feel for your property. At Blue Morning Landscapes, we have a lot of experience designing and installing these natural stone fixtures or stone veneer installations for customers.

When you’re going with natural stone for your property, you have a number of choices to make. There's not a right or wrong answer per se, but choosing one option or another can help you to make your project fit the overall look of your property, and give you better results for the long term.

Types of Stone

If you’re wanting to build a stone wall or integrate a new stone installation into your property, take a look at some of the most common stone types that are used to build in your area.

In general, in Pennsylvania and surrounding areas, some of the most common types of stone include various types of sandstone and limestone, as well as granite for some projects. We often tend to use something called ‘bluestone’ that's commercially produced for building, and is a type of feldspar-based sandstone which is weather resistant and has good porosity. We can talk about this in a bit more detail as we go over your plan with you.

Dry-Laid or Mortared Walls

Another choice you have is to either lay a stone wall naturally without a binder, or use mortar to keep stone pieces in place.

These two different types of stone walls have much different visual impressions. If you're going with a dry-laid wall, you'll need sufficiently large pieces of stone so that they don't shift or come apart over time. On the other hand, if you're going for a more ordered look, you want to understand the lifecycle of the mortar product you’re choosing and whether it has to be re-pointed or maintained over time.

Rounded, Smooth or Natural Stone

Then, of course, you have a choice in how you want your stone to present on your wall or fixture. Again, a completely natural look is a popular option. However, you can get buffered buffed and rounded stone, or even specially cut stone for your property for a specific effect. At Blue Morning Landscapes, we have the experience to help you to choose the best solutions, to get the most out of your property improvements. Let us help you to “dream big” when it comes to adding stone or other fixtures to your property.

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