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How To Choose The Ideal Spot For Your Backyard Waterfall

Updated: Mar 20

A backyard waterfall can be a great addition to your outdoor space, adding the peaceful sound of running water and creating an inviting atmosphere. Before installing a backyard waterfall, you must find the right spot. Rather than making this decision alone, consult with professionals specializing in landscaping in Pocono Mountains, PA.

From the size and shape of the pond or stream bed to accessibility and safety concerns, many things must be considered when selecting where to put a backyard waterfall. This guide will help you select the perfect place for your new backyard waterfall!

The Size and Shape of Your Backyard

When deciding the ideal spot for your backyard waterfall, your backyard's size and shape should be considered. The width and length of your yard will help determine how large a pond or stream bed you need to accommodate your waterfall.

You should also consider where the pond or stream will look best with the rest of your landscape design. If you have a large backyard area, it may be best to position the pond or stream in the middle of the space for maximum effect. If you have a smaller yard, try to place the waterfall closer to an edge or corner to avoid taking up too much space.

Similarly, if your yard is curved, you can use that as an advantage when deciding where to place the waterfall, pond, or stream bed. A curved edge will define the feature more and create an interesting visual element in your backyard.

A professional with experience in residential landscaping in Pocono Mountains, PA, can help you decide how to fit a waterfall into your existing outdoor design.

Choose An Easy To Access Area

Select an area that is easy to access for maintenance when choosing a spot for your backyard waterfall. This will make reaching the pump or other mechanical elements easier as needed. Even if you aren't going to maintain the waterfall, this will help the professionals you hire easily access it.

You Need Space For Seating

Adding a seating area or benches around the waterfall can create a tranquil atmosphere, allowing you to relax and enjoy the calming sound of running water. You must choose a spot with plenty of room around the waterfall to fit in benches or other features you may want. If you want to add hardscaping elements around your waterfall, you need the assistance of professionals specializing in landscaping in Pocono Mountains, PA.

A Spot With Plenty of Sunlight

Sunlight will help keep algae growth under control, which can cause the water to become murky and unattractive. It will also provide energy for the photosynthesis process of aquatic plants, helping the ecosystem to thrive around the pond or stream bed. This is why you must choose a spot with plenty of sunlight.

Need Help With Landscaping in Pocono Mountains, PA?

Whether you need a new landscaping design or a backyard waterfall, the team at Blue Morning Landscapes can help!

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