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Landscaping and Design Options

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Let's talk about how to complement some of the neatest designs in home improvement.

Yes, we’re in landscaping, but we often put in installations specifically to complement architecture.

So we know what we’re talking about when it comes to residential building trends.

Flat Top and Arch Designs

Here's a good example – home property owners choose between various type of flat top or arch designs for doors and windows.

One choice is the regular rectangular door or window. That’s simple.

But other people like to integrate curves into the design. Some use a flat top containing an arch, where there’s still a rectangular installation, but you get the arched piece of glass in your component itself.

Others have builders build them specialized archways for the tops of doors or windows, or for columns or pillars.

Complementing Designs

All of this leads to what you might call an ancient Greek design, or alternately, some type of ‘Gothic’ architecture.

Property owners who choose these designs often want to light them up in a particular way, with exterior lighting or dress them up with native plants and gardens.

That's where we come in, offering the kind of quality you would expect from a top-tier landscaping company with knowledge of the local climate, local communities and things like soil quality.

Let's face it: whether you're doing exterior or interior work, home improvement is about decisions.

Your property might not have something fancy like the hedge maze at the Overlook hotel, but you still have various spaces to fill and deal with, whether it's your front yard, back yard or other exterior areas.

In fact, we often sit down with customers and look at design plans in terms of edges and spaces. Your space might need a mowing plan or other maintenance, but your edge might need additional care in terms of demarcation and material installations.

Sitting down and talking about this gives you more of an idea of how to make a master plan for your property. We are a trusted company in the Kunkletown, PA area that will help you to put together a plan, and then implement it well in every season.

You probably paid a lot for your property, so let's help you show it off the right way. Get what you need for yards and beds, edging and tree work, and much more, from a professional crew that understands your goals and what you’re going for. Because that makes a difference!

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