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Light Up The Night: And Three Other Key Tips For Your Property

At Blue Morning Landscapes, we deal with a lot of different customers, helping them to create impressive property exteriors that have curb appeal and figuring out plans that will boost property values.

With that in mind, we've seen a lot, and we can provide excellent consultation on what's going to make your property look its best.

Here are a few things we often talk about with customers in initial consultations.

High-Quality Hardscaping

Hardscaping is a word that's getting a lot of attention in today's outdoor construction industry.

It refers to laying bricks, pavers, flagstones or other materials on the ground in various designs and configurations, to provide patios, walkways and other neat features for a property. Doing this job right is often the difference between a quality result over time, and one that ages poorly.

One of the key things about getting a high-quality hardscaping installation in place is a good base, where crews take the time to settle the ground, so that pavers or other materials stay level over time. There are a number of tricks to this trade – but the bottom line is that if this process is neglected, you might wind up with a result that doesn’t hold up well.

There's also the surface design to think about – whether you're doing mortar or mortarless design. The presentation at the surface is a key consideration. It’s not as easy as just “laying pieces” – at least, it shouldn’t be. There should be a little more thought to it than that. But when you get these jobs done right, you’ll love the results for years to come.

Light Up The Night

When you have these kinds of installations in place, think about some accent lighting to light up doors, windows, gables, textured exteriors, or anything else that looks great bathed in light and shadow. It's really amazing what kinds of stunning panoramas you can create with a few neatly placed accent lights. For instance, lighting can really accentuate the detail of prime exterior woodwork and intricate wrought iron panels. Think about how this concept can work for your property.

Shepherd Perennials

With the right care, your year-to-year shrubs and plants can blossom and bloom in beautiful ways. However, that means keeping an eye on a checklist that involves pruning, sunlight, access to water and various other issues. We will help be the “plant doctor” at your property.

Call us for more on how to make your Pennsylvania property shine!

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