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Lighting Up Your Property

At Blue Morning Landscapes, we understand the value of strategic landscaping lighting.

If you've invested a lot of money in your property, you want to show it off well. That often means illuminating key parts of your property at night. It might be an attractive façade with extra gabling, beautiful dormers, and more.

It might be a walkway or an outdoor grilling station, or a pool area. It might be aspects of your landscaping, like trees and shrubs that have their own natural beauty. Or you may have put some new hardscaping in place. No matter what it is, you can benefit from having good exterior lighting that presents the property at its best.

Regardless of what you are lighting, though, you want to go with a professional firm that will help you find the right choices. That’s part of doing the research and optimizing the money that you put into property enhancements.

Wired and Wireless Lighting

Some installations will do quite well with lighting that is wired from your central box, and controlled with a switch, sensor or timer. Other installations will benefit from high-quality small solar arrays that can provide illumination at night, without a traditional wired system. We look at the logistics with our Pennsylvania customers and consider all of the options to put the best designs in place.

Heavy Wiring

If you do have wiring running to an exterior lighting fixture, you want that lighting to last. What you don't want is intrusion by the elements, or animals or insects, that can compromise your wiring and create electrical problems later. We address this with heavily insulated wiring that will stand the tests of time, and best practices for long-term installation.

Placement and Composition

When you're installing outdoor landscaping lighting, composition and placement are important. We take the extra time to talk to the customer about where a set of lights may show off the property best. We may also discuss new modern options like downward LED lights that provide the right luminosity for display, without blinding or glaring into people's eyes.

This is just one aspect of the excellent service we bring to the table at Blue Morning Landscapes – where landscaping comes to life! Talk to us about options for your property: we will help you to brainstorm and make your dreams into reality. With our dedication to professionalism, quality and customer service, you’ll be able to have peace of mind about final results as you wait for your project to get done.

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