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Nice and Level

At Blue Morning Landscapes, our commitment to quality runs deep.

We started this business on the basis of offering customers good communication and a listening ear on design – and our business boomed – because this is what people are looking for with these types of services.

When you want to add value to your property, you don't want an inferior build or a lot of hassles and headaches. You want an easy way to put in something great that's going to last a long time!

With this in mind, let's talk about patios and walkways and all of those other neat spaces you get with pavers or bricks or natural stone.

Nice, right?

You lay out your space, and you envision sipping a lemonade in your backyard on a neat and tidy patio, or making that long walk from your driveway to your door on a smooth and immaculate pathway.

But all of that work doesn't just happen by accident. Making those dreams into reality requires design work, as well as implementation.

For example, if you hire a company to put in a patio, walkway or any other similar space and they don't know what they're putting in as a base, or why – run away quickly!

Here are three questions to ask the company before the project starts – before a shovel hits the ground.

1. What are you using for the base?

A typical base uses sand or pea gravel, or some combination. Some more sophisticated designs might utilize more than one material in layers.

The key is that you want to know what material is going to be used, and why it's being used. Different base materials have different porous qualities and drainage ratings, and different densities, so the company has to figure out what's right for your soil and your setup and everything else.

The second question is:

2. How deep is the base going to be?

If a company comes in and just estimates a rough depth, you could wind up with problems later as the patio or pathway settles.

For those who aren't familiar with this term, settling means that over time, parts of the structure sink into the ground, because a base was not properly set up to support long-term integrity.

That leads us to the third question: which is –

3. What's this going to look like in a year or two?

If the base has been laid down well, the answer is likely to be something you want to hear. If companies have run with the cheapest options, skimped on labor and done the bare minimum, it might not take too long before your new installation starts to show signs of age.

For much more, check out our website and everything that we do for people in the Kunkletown, PA area.

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