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Night and Day, Season After Season

What will your property look like in a month, or three months, or a year?

And how often do you think about that?

At Blue Morning Landscapes, we strive to offer our customers installations and maintenance for landscaping that will look great for a long time and complement the natural evolution that properties experience as Mother Nature does her work around them.

A lot of people see landscaping and property upkeep as a “doing” industry – as people showing up with a truck, and doing those routine tasks that manicure the grass and trees and everything else around the property.

Fewer people think of this industry as a “thinking” industry – where you’re always designing and engineering results for the long-term. But when you put more thought into something, it becomes more deliberate. And more often than not, you can see the difference later, when the job is finished.

The Context of Property Maintenance

The best property maintenance looks at the overall context – what's likely to happen over a given season, what changes may happen to the façade of the building, etc. Then, by putting together a comprehensive design, there's less work needed over the long term. It's easier to keep a property in pristine condition when there is that initial design applied, and it’s easier to plan for the future when you have a solid foundation in place.


For a look at how this works, check out our project gallery. You'll see how careful planning leads to precisely angled and positioned installations, and how that works out over time at our client properties.

Many of us have heard of the concept called “feng shui” when we’re talking about interior design, but how often do we think about that concept for the outside of our properties? When you apply that collective, balanced concept to your outdoor installations, some really great things tend to happen. We’ve seen this process at work, and it rests on good collaboration between the customer (the people who live at the property, in most cases) and the firm that can help them to make their plans a reality.

Take a look at our gallery and testimonials and everything that we do at Blue Morning Landscapes on our web site. You’ll see how our best-in-class service leads to return and referral business, and how our intentional craftsmanship supports customers. Whether it’s terrascaping and planting, ponds, lightscapes, walkways, patios, or anything else, our implementation brings those good ideas to life, and that’s a big part of what drives our business forward.

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