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Outsmart the Shadows: 3 Home Lighting Errors a Pro Can Help You Avoid

When it comes to illuminating the exterior of your home, it's not just about aesthetics. Proper lighting serves many practical purposes, from increasing safety to enhancing the ambiance of outdoor living spaces. However, it's easy to make mistakes when setting up your home's exterior lighting.

Without professional guidance, you might be left in the dark, or worse, with a subpar lighting setup that fails to highlight your property's best features. This is why you should invest in a professional lighting design in Pocono Mountains, PA.

Here are some exterior lighting mistakes professionals can help you avoid.

Inadequate Coverage

Imagine you're hosting an evening barbecue for family and friends. Everyone is enjoying the laughs, the food, and the overall atmosphere. But as the sun sets, the mood changes. Some areas around your house become too dark. Seeing your loved ones' faces is harder, and moving around becomes a challenge. This situation is due to inadequate lighting.

Inadequate coverage is a common mistake in outdoor lighting. It means some areas are left in the shadows while others are brilliantly lit. This affects the beauty of your home and causes safety issues. Dark spots can hide tripping hazards like steps, uneven ground, or toys left out by children.

This is where professional lighting design in the Pocono Mountains, PA, comes into play. A professional knows how to light your property to ensure it is safe, secure, and beautiful.

Incorrect Light Placement

Think about when you take a picture. If the light is directly behind someone, it can be hard to see their face. The same goes for your home's outdoor lighting. If lights are placed in the wrong spots, it can cause problems. This is called incorrect light placement, and it's a big mistake that many people make.

For example, lights that shine directly into your eyes when trying to enjoy your backyard can be bothersome. Also, lights that create harsh, unflattering shadows can hide the beauty of your home.

The best way to avoid this issue is by hiring professionals to design and install your lighting system.

Ignoring Seasonal Changes

As the year progresses, the natural landscape changes. Trees fill with leaves, flowers bloom, and the length of daylight shifts. All these factors affect how your lighting looks and functions.

A well-planned light design considers these seasonal variations. For instance, when trees and plants are in full bloom in spring and summer, your lights might need to be readjusted to prevent them from being blocked. During shorter winter days, your lights may need to come on earlier to maintain the safety and ambiance of your outdoor spaces.

A professional in lighting design in Pocono Mountains, PA, can help you plan for these changes.

Need a Professional Lighting Design in Pocono Mountains, PA?

You need a professional lighting design in Pocono Mountains, PA, to beautify your home's exterior. We can help you illuminate the outside of your home.


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