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Preparing Your Landscape For The Fall Season

Summer is quickly slipping away, and with the cooler months approaching, it is a good time to prepare your lawn and landscape for changing weather. Just as springtime reminds us to tend to our landscapes, so should the seasonal transition into Fall. With the right preparation and attention, your landscape can remain vibrant, and most importantly healthy throughout the remainder of the year.

Tending To Your Turf

Fall is one of the best times of the year to aerate your turf, taking out small cores of thatch and soil so that your grass is allowed to breathe. With most lawns requiring aeration once or twice a year, the cooler months seem to be the best times to take action. Aeration prevents the soil from becoming too compacted with roots and allows for more room for the remaining roots to have access to vital oxygen, water, and nutrients that otherwise may be sucked away. If you aerate now, you can do so before the fall fertilizing which will all the nutrients to reach the grassroots more effectively.

Reseeding grasses this time of year can have added benefits as well. The end of summer is still considered part of the rainy season, which new grass seeds prefer. The ground is warm yet the sun doesn’t scorch the stems during the day, giving new growth a prime window of healthy growth prior to dryer colder months ahead. Dense turf also helps to protect your lawn from the infiltration of weeds and bugs that can take over during the fall weather.

Mowing Properly

Homeowners tend to love the end of summer as it signals an end to the constant weekly mowings that spring and summer lawns require. Our turf actually feels about the same way, as it has undergone a constant onslaught of growing and cutting that is necessary when it is sunny and hot. Raising your mower to leave a longer leaf will allow for the grass to collect more sunshine and nutrients that prepare it for the winter ahead. The expanded leaf density also works to keep weeds from having room to grow.

Weeding And Fertilizing

Speaking of weeds, this is the time that you want to adequately weed your flowerbeds and landscaping. There is no time like the present for weed eradication. The tougher you are on weeding before fall arrives, the less weeding you will have to do when winter is over. Killing weeds create hardier landscaping that can endure harsh cold weather easier, giving you a healthier landscape in the spring.

Professional Assistance

Blue Morning Landscape is ready to help you prepare your lawns and landscaping for the cooler months ahead. Whether we assist you with one-time preparation or include your property in our scheduled rotations, we work hard to keep you and your landscape happy.

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