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Sustainable Landscaping Is Naturally Beautiful

With the increased awareness of how our choices impact our world around us, the idea of sustainability has broadened to reach into almost every aspect of our lives. Gardening and landscape design is one such area in which people are deciding to make more environmentally conscious decisions in the types of foliage, design, and upkeep of their yards.

Sustainable landscaping can have different meanings to different people. In some landscape designs, it can mean an emphasis is placed on plant health, water quality, soil health, and resource conservation. In others, it can be simply choosing native plants that thrive in the region in which they are being planted, working with nature instead of against it.

To be sustainable does not have to mean eliminating fertilizers, petroleum based products, or synthetic compounds or gas powered maintenance equipment. Rather, in the sense of landscaping, sustainability focuses on creating outdoor spaces that focus on balancing the relationship between the manmade and the natural environment.

The terms ‘reduce’, ‘reuse’, and ‘recycle’ are the three hallmarks of any endeavor that seeks to achieve sustainability. In landscape design, millions are spent each year on designing, building, and maintaining landscapes that work against these aspects of sustainability. Wastefulness in water use, overuse of soil and water contaminants, and high plant turnover all cost more money and more resources than necessary.

By practicing sustainable landscape design, these problems can be reduced or avoided altogether, cutting labor costs and encouraging a thriving and healthy landscape. Strategically planning gardens and landscapes is a proactive approach to planting outdoor spaces that require little maintenance with beautiful and healthy foliage.

Waste of water can be reduced by adding low volume irrigation systems and drip lines that deliver just the amount of water the plants need without overdoing it. The use of rain barrels and other rainwater collection systems can also greatly reduce the amount of water drained from the water table, as well as provide a stylish addition to your space.

Choosing plants that thrive in the soil and climate of your outdoor space will also greatly increase the longevity of your landscape design and reduce plant turnover. Landscapes that blend with their surroundings while accenting the home will provide a naturally beautiful space.

For innovative approaches to landscape design and sustainable practices that fit your needs, Blue Morning Landscapes LLC. provides landscape consultation, planning, and installation with impeccable service. Blue Morning Landscapes LLC can surround your home with sustainable beauty that you will enjoy for years to come.

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