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Talking About Materials

Updated: Mar 20

When you look at our web site, you see that our mission statement references excellent service to our customers, and quality on the job. That’s not just talk. At Blue Morning Landscapes LLC, we aim for complete customer satisfaction.

One way to talk about that is to address the issue of materials – that's one side of the two-track equation where bids and estimates show customers what projects cost with an accurate breakdown between materials and labor.

Now, interestingly enough, every firm handles materials in a different way. Some firms pad the numbers in order to cover other costs. Some firms allow customers to buy their own materials and deliver them to the site.

Our mission at Blue Morning Landscapes LLC is transparency in materials costs. We want to present you with accurate profiles of all material options, and help you pick the right one – not just the cheapest one, but the one that provides the most value. We want you to be informed about your project – because it’s yours! – and able to make the decisions that you’re going to be living with when everything is done.

Suppose, for example, that you’re ordering natural stone or pavers for a fountain, or a terrascaping project. You want to know how cost impacts quality – but there are other cost factors as well. Where did the materials come from? Did they have to be trucked all the way from places like Utah or Canada, or are they sourced locally? That’s going to have an impact on the final price, because materials shipping is not free.

In addition to working with these kinds of details, you want to know how each of your options is going to impact your finished project. Different products are rated in different ways. Some may have greater longevity or stand up better to pressure. Some might work better with a particular base. Some will be mostly a cosmetic value.

We want to help customers to make apples to apples comparisons so that they can make informed decisions about what's going to be installed at their properties. Again, it's not as simple as just finding the lowest bidder and the lowest-cost product. Sometimes you get more value out of choosing a specific product that's made to perform better in a given environment. Your local climate matters, too, which is why we've spent time researching the best building materials for the local area.

Browse our site to see more about how we work at Blue Morning Landscapes LLC, and what we’ve done for clients in the past. We are proud of the walkways, patios, fountains and other outdoor infrastructure we have built around the Kunkletown, PA area. Let us help you with your next big project.

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