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The World Of Seasonal Landscaping

As societies, we used to live with the seasons. We patterned our life around those seasons – especially in temperate areas. Spring, summer, winter and fall were the four guideposts of our year, and determined so much, from agriculture to business and recreation…

Of course, that's still true in a lot of ways, for example, summer vacationing, but then, in other ways, we've gotten away from this practice of thinking seasonally.

We want to bring your exterior back to a very defined seasonal routine that will keep everything looking its best.

Let's talk about those way stations in our average landscaping contract.

Spring Cleanup

In the spring, we come in mulch beds and clean up things like sticks and debris. That's an absolutely critical process for setting the foundation for the rest of the year’s work.

You'll see the result, too, when it's done – a clean slate that you have for the growing season ahead.

Summer Weeding and Trimming

In the summer, frankly, it's just about staying ahead of mother nature's prodigious output.

Whether you have all local or invasive plants in your yard, you probably have an affinity for some over others, and a wish to have things manicured and looking good. But that's not how mother nature works, so a lot of our summer service involves trimming and weeding areas of the yard. It takes work – and many of our customers just don’t have the bandwidth to do it themselves throughout the season – so they call us – that’s what we’re here for!

Fall Leaf Collection

Every place has its own method and technique for leaf collection. Some people have to bag up their leaves, and some simply sweep them into the gutter.

We take care of all of this for you, with a professional leaf collection plan that doesn't involve your local municipal office. Leaves are tough – because they always seem to be blowing everywhere. That, and it can actually be difficult to always estimate how much leaf collection you’ll need to do in a given season, as trees grow, and things change.

Winter Snow and Ice

In the winter, we do snow and ice removal for customers who need to access their vehicles to get around during winter weather. That pernicious precipitation that lays on the ground needs some muscle for its quick and effective removal.

That's a little bit about how we work year after year for customers. Get a game plan started, and we will provide you with all of that maintenance in all four seasons, for a happy future and good quality of life at your property. Work with a company that cares about how your lawn looks! Use Blue Morning Landscapes for the best in local landscaping, and get that peace of mind that comes with a well-tended exterior.

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