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A Good Base And Quality Materials

What does it take to put in quality hardscaping? Well, that depends on who you ask. Seriously, though…

To us, it's basically a combination of a good adequate base, and adding great installations on top of that base. Do these two things well, and you have a nice result that you can be proud of.

At Blue Morning Landscapes, we are experts in this kind of work. We've helped many property owners to beautify their real estate with impressive patios, walkways, exterior grilling stations and much more. When you need help making the most of your property, we will come out and take a consulting role, making sure that what you get is 100% the best that it can be.

Putting Down the Base

There is a particular craft to installing a base for the foundation of a patio or other hardscaping area. Without a proper base, different kinds of settling and other problems can occur.

For instance, if a firm comes in and just paves over a set of tree roots without any evaluation of the tree and its future growth, you can have serious problems with settling, or cases where the roots push pavers out of position. You may also see cracks in your pavers which can indicate that tree roots were too close to the installation. This kind of stuff is disappointing! It’s hard to fix afterward. There’s the expectation that companies will think a little bit about where trees are when they put something in. We think that’s a fair expectation!

Stone Countertops

After you have that base put down and carefully tamped it into shape, you put on your pavers and other materials. One item and feature that our customers typically like is a stone countertop on a raised area of their hardscaping installation.

There's a whole debate over whether granite countertops belong inside – some people are afraid they'll be shattering their wineglasses, for example. But most people will agree that stone countertops are great outside – go nuts with these heavy duty toppings for useful bench seating or table areas.

Outdoor Grilling Stations

When you have your base in and your materials in place, it's fairly easy to add useful grill areas and other accessories to your hardscaping. Then you can get that perfect sear to your steak – in style!

Call Blue Morning Landscapes to get solutions for your property that are truly a cut above.

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