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How to Keep Your Outdoor Landscape Lighting in Good Shape

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

The average homeowner spends roughly $1,000 a year on landscaping costs. For most homeowners, investing in landscaping is something they do to make their homes more appealing. If you want to improve the look and security your home has, paying professionals to install new landscape lighting is a must. Once you have a landscape lighting system in place, you need to work on keeping it in pristine shape.

As time goes by, the various parts of your landscape lighting system will start to show signs of wear. Inspecting these parts allows you to find out about repair issues early on. Keeping your outdoor landscape lighting system in good working order is easy if you follow the tips below.

Clean the Lenses on Your Lights

Taking the time to inspect your landscaping lights on a weekly basis is imperative. During these inspections, be sure to pay close attention to the condition of your light lenses. Over time, these lenses will start to look dirty and tarnished. If your dirty lenses are making it hard for light to pass through, you need to clean them quickly. Luckily, there are plenty of chemicals on the market designed to make cleaning these lenses easy.

Many homeowners use car cleaning chemicals like Armor All to clean these lenses. Not only is this chemical inexpensive, it is also very effective. If the spots on your landscape lighting lenses won’t come off with these chemicals, they may have to be replaced. Working with a professional will allow you to get these repairs done with ease.

Look At Your Light Cables and Connectors

The landscape lights you have in place are powered by a number of cables and connectors. Without these cables and connectors, you will find it difficult to keep the outside of your home illuminated. Looking at these cables and connectors can help you diagnose electricity problems quickly.

If you are unsure about how to inspect and fix broken cables/connectors, reaching out to professionals for help is a wise move. With this professional help, you can keep the electrical components your outdoor lights have functional and damage-free. Ignoring the need for professional help can result in mistakes being made. Wiring mistakes can lead to fires, which is why paying for professional help is important.

Invest in a Timer For Your Outdoor Lights

Are you looking for a way to make your outdoor lights easier to control? If so, investing in a timer for your system is crucial. With a timer, you can conserve energy and keep your home safe. Setting the lights to come on at the same time everyday can give the illusion that someone is always home. If burglars think someone is home, they will be less likely to try and rob your residence.

Let Blue Morning Landscapes LLC Help You Out!

If you need new landscaping lights for your home, contact Blue Morning Landscapes LLC help you out. Our team can install and maintain these lights for an affordable price.

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