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Year-Round Maintenance Service: What Does It Entail?

We talked a little bit about this before. Still, it's worth thinking about as time goes by – do you want a professional service that watches over your property with you year after year, and season after season, looking for the right things to do to keep everything in great condition?

Our property maintenance service breaks things down into the four seasons of outdoor work. First, spring is a busy season with cleanups, mulching the beds, and everything else. Then there's summer with mowing and trimming, as everything in your yard or outdoor space wants to grow sky-high.

Next is fall, where leaves are a major focus, and then there's winter: this is where we can provide excellent snow removal and help with ice buildups and more!

Finding Needs

It's all about looking at the property, the household, and their lifestyle and determining what they need from a professional lawn service.

Some people are most busy in the summer when they're gone from the property for weeks. They need someone to come in and handle that vibrant growth we talked about before, if only because insurance companies tell you that when you're gone, you're less likely to have a robbery happen if the place doesn't look abandoned.

In the winter, on the other hand, households may or may not need snow removal services depending on how their sidewalks and driveways are situated, and other factors.

So we take care to consult with each individual client, figure out what their needs are, and then build a plan around that.

But the key is that you have help, season in and season out. We provide the same value and principles with the seasonal work we do with one-time landscape installations.

That's a little about the seasonal service and property maintenance package that works year-round for you. Check out the gallery and other resources on the site to learn more about what we do and how we do it.

And be sure to ask us any questions that you have. That's what you want when you're in the business of trying to hire a professional landscaping or exterior maintenance company – a firm that has all the resources and qualifications to help you any time of year!

You can also check out our portfolio and our Instagram to see some of the excellent installations we've been doing around Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and other areas. Neat hardscaping, fountains, and other designs are part of what our clients hire us for, and these high-quality builds provide a lot of value for many years, as you can see.

So if you have a great property that you want to look even better, call us!

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